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I’ve Been IKEA-mized

By Cam Mather Last week Michelle and I took a trip in to the big city. It felt kind of like one of the “Little House on the Prairie” books when Pa loaded up Ma and the kids into the wagon and headed to town for supplies. Except that I didn’t have to hitch up …

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“Can’t You Just Spray?”

By Cam Mather This was the question that my neighbor Ken asked me recently. I had just told him about the bugs eating my berries. “Can’t you just spray?” So how’d you spend your weekend? Road trip? Shopping? Reading at the coffee shop? I spent a recent weekend here on my knees cutting garlic scapes …

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Cam the Treasurer Saves the Yearbook!

By Cam Mather So I was using Facebook to cruise for old girlfriends again. That’s what it’s for, right? Michelle set up my account on Facebook, so it’s not like it’s a surprise to her. I don’t go on Facebook very often but when I do I notice the “Find Your Friends” headline at the …

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Some Thoughts on Population Density

By Cam Mather Whenever we head to the nearest big city of Kingston to run errands we like to enjoy a meal at our favorite restaurant Curry Original. We love Indian food and their food is fantastic. We’ve come to know the owner Ali well, and we often talk to him and his staff about …

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