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Spending Time Together, 24/7

By Michelle Mather A couple of months ago Cam wrote here about how hard it is to get back into the “working for someone else” mode. He had been temporarily working down the road at our neighbour’s woodshop. When he first floated the idea of working for our neighbour for a few weeks I thought …

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“Little House Off the Grid” is Now Available!

For the past few years, Michelle and I have been working on a book to share the story of how we left the city and ended up in an off-grid home on 150 acres in the country. For a while we were calling our book “Off The Grid Without a Paddle” as a way of …

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Looking Back On Our Move to the Country

By Cam Mather Michelle’s Note: The following is an article that Cam wrote for a local newspaper about 13 years ago as we were preparing for our move to Sunflower Farm. The comments that Cam made are as appropriate today as they were back then. I thought you might enjoy reading about Cam’s reasons for …

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Paying It Forward

By Cam Mather Many years ago when we were in our early twenties Michelle and I made a move from one city to another. All of our belongings were loaded into a rental trailer and wouldn’t you know it, we got a flat tire on the trailer. It was a Sunday morning on a 4-lane …

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Changing the World, One Step At a Time

By Cam Mather Sometimes living off the grid, in the bush, miles from humanity, it’s easy to fade into the background and not get involved. But after 30 years of activism old habits are hard to break. Today, as always, there is no shortage of causes to be pursued. I continue to write letters and …

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The Environmental Hypocrisy of Paper Diapers

By Cam Mather I believe I do a good job of pointing out my own hypocrisy whenever I’m railing on about something. I make it very clear that while I really think I’ve got my “energy” house in order when it comes to heating and powering my home, I live in the country and drive …

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Governments Behaving Badly

By Cam Mather When our kids were very young we attended a workshop and read books by an educator named Barbara Coloroso. One of the many pieces of advice she offered to parents was; “Say what you mean, mean what you say, and do what you say you’re going to do.” In other words, idle …

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