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The Living Sustainably and Independently, Ready for Rough Times, Hands-on, Solar-Powered, All You Can Grow Workshop Wrap Up

By Cam Mather A couple of Saturdays ago we had 12 people come to Sunflower Farm for “The Living Sustainably and Independently, Ready for Rough Times, Hands-on, Solar-Powered, All You Can Grow Workshop.” It was a blast. It was a really great group of people and I think everyone had a great day. I know …

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Looking Back On Our Move to the Country

By Cam Mather Michelle’s Note: The following is an article that Cam wrote for a local newspaper about 13 years ago as we were preparing for our move to Sunflower Farm. The comments that Cam made are as appropriate today as they were back then. I thought you might enjoy reading about Cam’s reasons for …

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Hard Assets in Hard Times

By Cam Mather I thought it was just me, but sometimes lately it seems like everyone is becoming a “doomer.” A few nights ago we were in Almonte, Ontario. Bill Kemp, author of “The Renewable Energy Handbook” had been invited to speak about the Feed In Tariff (FIT) program here in Ontario which pays you …

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The Payback on Renewable Energy

By Cam Mather For 10 years I have been giving workshops at colleges about renewable energy. Eventually this workshop morphed into my “Thriving During Challenging Times” talk that ended up as a book, but renewable energy is still an important component of my workshops. One of the questions that I have been asked most often …

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A Podcast on “Two Beers With Steve”

By Cam Mather I did a podcast last week on “Two Beers With Steve”. This is a very cool website where Steve chats with people who have an alternative view on reality, or at least provide information that’s not always readily available from the mainstream media. He and his guests discuss topics such as peak …

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Adding to the Array

By Cam Mather Well the Aztext Press power plant keeps getting bigger thanks to my dwindling retirement savings plan. Most people, if they can, sock money away into their retirement fund so they can retire and relax. I, on the other hand, am drawing down my savings and investing in solar panels for my retirement. …

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Thriving Book Launch

By Cam Mather We just had the official book launch for “Thriving During Challenging Times” at the Tamworth Legion. It was a huge success and I think everyone enjoyed themself. I did a 90 minute overview of the book and then there was lots of discussion about the topics of climate change and personal action, …

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Mutual Funds vs. Solar Panels

I don’t know about you but I never had much luck with mutual funds. I used to research them extensively. Once I found one with a great track record, as soon as I invested, its returns tanked and I got frustrated. It didn’t seem to matter how much research I did, I always came out …

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