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“I Can’t Drive 55…”

By Cam Mather Sammy Hagar was in the band Van Halen for a while and had a song in 1984 called “I Can’t Drive 55”. He was rebelling against the speed limit reduction that was imposed on major Interstate Highways in the US after the energy crisis of the 70s. The lowered speed limit was …

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A Podcast on “Two Beers With Steve”

By Cam Mather I did a podcast last week on “Two Beers With Steve”. This is a very cool website where Steve chats with people who have an alternative view on reality, or at least provide information that’s not always readily available from the mainstream media. He and his guests discuss topics such as peak …

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Bill Kemp’s “Day Job”

By Michelle Mather Bill Kemp has written a number of amazing books for Aztext Press. First he wrote “The Renewable Energy Handbook for Homeowners” back in 2003 and it quickly became the renewable energy “bible.” A few years later he updated and revised it and renamed the book “The Renewable Energy Handbook” and then he …

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Go With the Flow, Roll with the Punches and “Put a Curtain Around It”

By Michelle Mather Last year, as part of our Eco-Energy Audit, we decided to add a solar thermal unit to our home. We already use the sun to generate most of the electricity for our home. The next logical step for us was to begin using the sun to heat our hot water. This is …

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WWOOFers for Dinner

By Michelle Mather The other night our friends Denice & John and Janet & Ed came for dinner. Denice & John brought along their 3 WWOOFers. Have you ever met a WWOOFer? A WWOOFer is a person, from anywhere in the world, who comes to stay at your home and works on your organic farm. …

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The Green Energy Act

by Cam Mather I live in the jurisdiction determined to be the center of the North American green energy universe, and this is a good thing. As someone who’s lived off the grid with renewable energy for 12 years, it’s great to see us reaching the critical mass of people adopting the technology. We’ve often …

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The Largest Solar Farm in Canada

by Michelle Mather Cam and I have 24 solar panels on our two trackers. When the sun is shining our 24 panels produce about 2.3 kW of electricity an hour. Our system pales in comparison to the largest solar farm in Canada. You’re probably wondering where the largest solar farm in Canada is located and …

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Wind Power – a beautiful thing!

Just look at this picture! You can talk about sustainability all you want, but until you see an image like this you don’t realize just how beautiful it can be. This photo was taken in Kingston Ontario where almost 100 wind turbines have recently been erected, and I mean recently. From the time they received …

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Green Jobs

Green jobs are suddenly in the news. Well any jobs are in the news, especially ones that aren’t being lost. The opposition parties in Canada got all indignant when President Obama suggested that if the US Government is buying steel for bridges it should buy American steel first. Unless I’m confused the reason the US …

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