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The Strange Posthumous Popularity of Jack Layton

By Cam Mather For my American readers I should explain that Jack Layton, the official leader of the opposition in our Parliament (kind of like your Speaker of the House of Representatives, John Boehner) died recently. There was a huge outpouring of grief in Canada, almost way more than it seemed that the occasion warranted. …

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Taking the Energy Evangelical Tour on the Road

By Cam Mather Last week was a busy one for speaking engagements. On Tuesday night I gave my “All You Eat Gardening Workshop” to about 60 people at the Tweed Horticultural Society meeting. It’s always a challenge to cover a full book’s worth of information in a one-hour long talk, and Michelle always points out …

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Cam the Treasurer Saves the Yearbook!

By Cam Mather So I was using Facebook to cruise for old girlfriends again. That’s what it’s for, right? Michelle set up my account on Facebook, so it’s not like it’s a surprise to her. I don’t go on Facebook very often but when I do I notice the “Find Your Friends” headline at the …

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The TRUE Cost of Electricity

By Cam Mather Macleans magazine recently had another article on the high cost of green power. I openly admit to being biased (extremely biased in this department) so feel free to factor this into your perception of this tirade. But once again the mainstream media got the numbers wrong. I’m sure it’s tough for a …

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Governments Behaving Badly

By Cam Mather When our kids were very young we attended a workshop and read books by an educator named Barbara Coloroso. One of the many pieces of advice she offered to parents was; “Say what you mean, mean what you say, and do what you say you’re going to do.” In other words, idle …

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