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Mad Max Mountain Man

By Cam Mather Did you like that “alliteration?” Four “M’s” in a row! I wrote about seeing the movie “Chasing Ice” recently. I said that it is a powerful movie and it is. In fact it is changing my behavior. We didn’t get any snow here until December 21st. For the first 3 weeks of …

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Blueberry Man and the No Fly Zone

By Cam Mather My friend Steven Moore asked me to speak to several of his sustainability classes at Queen’s University last week. He asked for my “Thriving During Challenging Times” talk. When we were discussing what I should cover in my talk, he told me that his students were already aware of the converging challenges …

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Nerd on Two Wheels – My Solar-Powered Bike

By Cam Mather I’ve blogged about my electric bike before but now that the weather has improved and I’m back riding it, I’ve been reminded of how much I love it. When you live in the country, transportation is always going to be one of the largest contributors to your carbon footprint, especially if you …

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My Amazing Urban Dwelling Enviro Daughters

By Cam Mather Sometimes after doing a talk or writing a blog I receive a comment along the lines of  “I really want to live off-grid … you are such a good environmentalist!” While I love to hear this, the reality is that anyone who is living off the grid isn’t necessarily having a net …

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The Secret Benefits of Cycling

By Cam Mather Last year I bought an electric bike, and I love it. It is unbelievably cool to charge it with my solar panels and then “drive” it to town and back, a 26 km (16 mile) round trip. But I also really love just riding any bike. I have a mountain bike and …

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Mother Earth News Article

Cam wrote an article for Mother Earth News and they published it in the February/March 2010 issue. The magazine is available on newstands now or read the article online here;

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Super Solar Man!

Have you ever met an angry environmentalist? Or a serious one, with no sense of humor? I have, and they can be a real turn off. Always doom and gloom, end of the world, as we know it. I have to be careful not to fall into that trap since I do a fair number …

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Our Solar-Powered Electric Bike!

Today I’m bustin’! I just bought the coolest thing ever! Well – after solar panels and a wind turbine! We bought an electric bike and it’s an absolute blast! You can tell I’m pumped about it by all the pictures I’ve taken. The Mather’s have a bit of a tradition of taking photos of their …

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