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Trying to Earn a Living While Living in the Country

By Cam Mather Sometimes I write articles for the local paper that’s published every second month. It’s a great little newspaper/magazine but my most recent article elicited a tactful “please stop promoting your business(es) in your articles” from the editor and publisher. And herein lies the great, eternal country living/homesteading dilemma… how do you earn …

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It Feels Like Christmas Morning in the Sweet Potato Patch

By Cam Mather Remember that feeling on Christmas morning when you were a kid, unwrapping those presents with such great anticipation? I still get it, even with the gifts that I purchase for myself months before Christmas, because with the gradual loss of brain function of my 52 year-old brain, I’ve often forgotten what I …

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The All-In-One Independent Living/Preparation/Homesteading Workshop

By Cam Mather On October 20th we will be hosting the “The Living Sustainably and Independently, Ready for Rough Times, Hands-On, Solar-Powered, All You Can Grow Workshop” again here at Sunflower Farm. I think the workshop gets better each year. Every year we take more steps towards independence and self-sufficiency and so we have more …

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Back to the Future – Freezing Zero-Carbon Corn

By Cam Mather North Americans just have no idea how much energy goes into getting food on our plates. If we did, we’d all walk around in a big grateful daze saying “Thank you farmers, thank you Jolly Green Giant, thank you cheap energy….” and never get anything done. I used the “Back to the …

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Week #11 of the CSA

By Cam Mather Sunflower Farm CSA is really humming along. Last week was # 11 and the workload is finally manageable. The boxes are getting heavier and the feedback continues to be positive. We are switching from ‘lighter’ stuff like lettuce and spinach to more fall stuff like carrots, potatoes, onions, summer squash (zucchini), corn …

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A CSA Update

By Cam Mather So here it is, July 10th and I haven’t provided an update about the CSA in this blog yet. That’s because it has CONSUMED MY LIFE! I was kind of hoping to start deliveries during the 3rd or 4th week of June, but because of the insane heat and early warmth, everything …

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