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Working Outside of My Comfort Zone

By Cam Mather Living off the grid for 13 years, I’ve spent a lot of my time outside of my comfort zone. From working with concrete on solar trackers or wind turbine anchor holes, to choosing and installing batteries or putting up a wind turbine, I have nothing in my background that prepared me for …

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The Most Important Four Inches in Your Garden

By Cam Mather I delivered one of my books to a friend in town recently. She had borrowed “The All You Can Eat Gardening Handbook” from the library but had decided that she wanted her own copy when she realized that she’d be referring to it throughout the gardening season. She asked me about getting …

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Heating My Home is My Hobby

By Cam Mather I can remember when we were getting prepared to leave our suburban, natural gas-heated home to live in our new home on 150 acres in the bush. A friend warned me about how hard it is to heat with wood.  In fact my friend knew of someone who had given up and …

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My Newfound Appreciation for Country Music

By Cam Mather I have schizophrenic musical tastes that run the gamut from the 70s Rock and Roll of my youth to some jazz, pop, and almost anything in between. Lady Gaga and Katie Perry are awesome. My father invited Michelle and me to the Kingston Symphony with him last spring for their “Opera” afternoon. …

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That Haunting Photo

By Cam Mather The other day I unloaded a large pile of horse manure. While many people who have attended one of my workshops might claim that I do this quite often, this was real horse manure. This was a trailer full of manure from my wonderful neighbor Alyce. The trailer was full and it …

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You know who are amazing? Farmers. I think farmers are just the smartest, greatest people out there. Sure they have one of the most important jobs in our society, growing food, but there’s something else. Farmers just seem to get it. It started for me 25 years ago when I worked for a magazine that …

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