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My Friday Night Date With a Hornets’ Nest

By Cam Mather As you might have read in a previous post, I recently had a rather painful experience with some yellow jackets. I was weeding my strawberry patch and unfortunately didn’t realize that there were a nest of them nearby and they didn’t take kindly to me disturbing them. I tried eradicating them by …

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The Secret Benefits of Cycling

By Cam Mather Last year I bought an electric bike, and I love it. It is unbelievably cool to charge it with my solar panels and then “drive” it to town and back, a 26 km (16 mile) round trip. But I also really love just riding any bike. I have a mountain bike and …

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Go With the Flow, Roll with the Punches and “Put a Curtain Around It”

By Michelle Mather Last year, as part of our Eco-Energy Audit, we decided to add a solar thermal unit to our home. We already use the sun to generate most of the electricity for our home. The next logical step for us was to begin using the sun to heat our hot water. This is …

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When Something Old is New Again

By Michelle Mather Last year one of our biggest projects was the revision of our book “The Renewable Energy Handbook” by William Kemp. First published in 2003 as “The Renewable Energy Handbook for Homeowners”, we revised and updated it in 2005 and at that time it grew from 300 pages to over 500 pages of …

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No Power to the People

by Cam Mather You know what I’m really tired of? Watching newscasts in which people who are without electricity during a blackout complain about it. It’s invariably storm related and it’s completely unnecessary. When the U.S. was being walloped by winter storms last month there were people whining on the news every night. With the …

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Preparing for a Blackout

By Cam Mather As I was preparing to install our new batteries recently I was thinking about blackouts. I spent weeks preparing for mine. We were just going to be without power for a day, but I knew it was coming and got prepared. I had buckets of water standing by ready to use to …

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Out With the Old! (Batteries, that is…)

by Cam Mather Living off the grid is absolutely amazing, 364 days a year. There is simply nothing like the feeling of accomplishment and contentment running a typical North American home completely with the sun and wind. The technology of our solar panels and wind turbine still amaze me. Standing by the PV array or …

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New Batteries

by Cam Mather Many years ago when we were homeschooling our daughters, before they went on to university and graduate studies, we embraced the concept of “lifelong learning”. The basic concept of lifelong learning is that learning isn’t something that is only acquired from a textbook or only acquired during a certain time of your …

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