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Life Off-the-Grid

The Evolution of This Blog

By Michelle Mather

Over 6 years ago (on November 14, 2006 to be exact) we began writing a blog and posting it on our website. We had been told that one way to increase traffic to our website and improve our chances of being found by search engines was to post regularly, which also added content to the website.

Here’s that first post in which we spelled out what we hoped to accomplish with the blog;

We decided we have so many new and exciting things happening, a blog would allow our website users to keep up-to-date on where we’re at, where we’ve been, where we’re going.

Renewable energy is exploding into people’s consciousness as we begin to understand the limits to the planet, our message of following the correct path in terms of energy efficiency first, then implementing renewable energy is being embraced by many of our readers.

This blog is going to be maintained by a number of people involved with Aztext Press. This includes Bill and Lorraine Kemp, authors of our various books on renewable energy, and the publishers Michelle and Cam Mather. Both families live off-the-electricity grid, so have a first hand perspective on living with renewable energy.

We’ll also keep you posted on upcoming books and projects we’re working on.

We hope you find some helpful information and keep in touch with us here at the blog. Thanks for dropping by! “

We posted sporadically for the next few years (all available at Unfortunately our blog at did not allow people to subscribe, and so in February of 2009 we decided to begin reposting our blogs on a Word Press site ( so that our readers could not only subscribe but also leave comments on our posts!

Then in March of 2010, Cam decided that he should have his own website, separate from the Aztext Press site, where he could not only expand the scope of the blog but also promote his books, speaking engagements and workshops. So we began posting his blog at as well as the two other spots.

Eventually we began working with Mother Earth News. They have been very supportive of our titles and we have appeared in numerous issues of the magazine. They asked if we would like to post articles on their blogs under the banner “The Happy Homesteader.” Eventually they gave Cam his very own blog space on the Mother Earth News website called “Homesteading in Canada.” In fact, it’s pretty easy to find Cam’s posts on the Mother Earth News site – here’s the address; We don’t put every new blog post up on the Mother Earth News site – just ones that we think are applicable to a wider audience.

As you can well imagine, having to put up our posts in 4 different locations (using 3 different blogging platforms!) is quite a challenge.

So we’ve decided to simplify our lives and consolidate our blogs into one space. Since Cam is the only blog writer (with guest blogs by me once in a while) we will continue to post our blogs on Our WordPress site won’t disappear, but we won’t be posting any of our new blogs on it. If you are a subscriber on that site ( you won’t be receiving notifications for new posts. If you want to continue to subscribe to this blog, be sure to visit and arrange to subscribe there. There’s a spot at the top right-hand side that says, “Subscribe to Cam’s blog here.” It’s that easy!

We also won’t be posting on the site anymore. The existing posts will remain but we’ll post a note asking readers to find their way to to read new posts.

We’ll continue to post appropriate blogs on the Mother Earth News site, but as I mentioned, only a fraction of our posts end up there, so if you haven’t already done so, be sure to visit to subscribe.

Thanks to all of you who subscribe and read this blog. We are truly appreciative!



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