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Cam’s Top 25 Movie List

By Cam Mather

A while back one of our blog readers asked if I had a top 25 list of movies. I think this is probably because I refer to movies quite often, because I like them, and although it can be most informative, I can only watch the Weather Channel for so long. I know I always enjoy getting movie recommendations from other people so I thought I would throw my two cents into a highly personalized forum.

So here goes in no particular order and with arbitrary groupings … Cam’s Top 25 (or so) Movies… Of All Time!


Groundhog Day – such a cool concept

Caddy Shack – it set a high standard for others to follow

Bridesmaids – Ohhhh the dress fitting scene, funniest scene in a movie…. EVER!

Hot Fuzz – from the makers of “Shawn of the Dead.” Best line ever… “Have you ever shot two guns while jumping through the air?”

Burn After Reading – Brad Pitt and George Clooney do the Oceans 11 movies so they can make money to do quirky movies like this.

Just Nice MOVIES THAT defy a category

Lars and The Real Girl – a wonderful quirky movie about the importance of community

Amelie – yes it has subtitles, but it’s a brilliant movie

About a Boy – Hugh Grant just like in Notting Hill

The Shawshank Redemption – why revenge is sooooo great


Michael Clayton – a great look at how the world really works

Syrianna – the greatest look at the reality of the world’s addiction to the Middle East’s fossil fuels

3 Kings – the craziness of war

A Single Man – sooo stylish, hard to imagine someone who wears stuff from used clothing stores (i.e. me!) liking it


Black Hawk Down – I rent this whenever Michelle is away… you have to watch it loud – it’s one of the few times recent American foreign intervention was for humanitarian goals

Bourne Identity + the others – these are such great action movies and a great travelogue too

Sci Fi

Contact – should be mandatory for every grade 8 science class with girls in it, showing why they should go into science

The Matrix – the only movie I have ever watched again immediately after I finished it, because I wasn’t sure if I “got it”

“V” for Vendetta – adopted from a 30-year-old comic book, the most important movie on the abuse of power since 9/11 – it’s quite brilliant

Children of Men – why you should “be a prepper too”

Prometheus – yea I just saw it, but the special effects are unbelievable and it took a small country’s worth of CGI people to create it


Family Stone – dysfunctional families in the holidays are the best

It’s a Wonderful Life – we’ve watched this so many times I’ve just about memorized the George Bailey speech telling Savings & Loan customers why they have to stick together

A Christmas Carol – the black and white one starring Alastair Sim – for someone as crotchety as me, the possibility of redemption is an important theme

Home for the Holidays – Best Scene – Holly Hunter sitting downstairs with her dad watching old home movies


Manufactured Landscapes – the most powerful environmental documentary ever, even though I’m not sure that was its purpose

Go Further – a fun romp with environmental-crusading, vegan, bike-riding Woody Harreleson – and sure, I’d eat raw food too if someone was preparing meals like that for me

Who Killed The Electric Car – way to go General Motors, you were the leader in the electric car market, so naturally, you scrapped it

Gasland – oh, that’s why natural gas is so cheap these days

Grizzly Man – why living amongst grizzly bears is always going to end in tears

Sicko – I stand up and sing “O Canada” every time I watch this, and remember how capitalism keeps people from rebelling

Ya, that was 30 I think. Sorry, I could take 5 off, but since the American Film Institute hasn’t consulted me recently I’m not too concerned.

* * * * * * *

Michelle’s Note – Happy Thanksgiving to our American readers! Just a reminder about our big book sale. See previous blog for details. Also – if you plan on buying any of these DVDs (or anything else for that matter) from amazon, please use this link to access amazon; That way, we will earn a very, very, very small commission from every purchase you make! Thanks!!



  1. Lots of your favs are mine too! Groundhog Day is soooo good!

    • weird. i left a big long reply & it isn’t here – perhaps i crashed the reply system!

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