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A Look Back at 2011

Guest Post by Michelle Mather

It’s fun to look back at a year’s worth of blog posts and see where the year took us in terms of topics. This is the 124th post of 2011 and so not surprisingly we covered a lot of stuff!

Some of the topics that we wrote about this year included;

We also talked about a wide range of people such as;

It’s fun to look at the stats to see which posts were the most read ones. Here are the top five;

When you take a look at some of the top search terms for the year, you understand why these posts are the most viewed…

  • cell phones –  946 searches
  • christmas lights –  707 searches
  • cell phone  – 519 searches
  • harrowsmith country life –  213 searches

I’m not entirely sure what people are hoping to find when they search on cell phone or cell phones but I do think I know why so many searches concerned Harrowsmith Country Life. This magazine went out of business this past year, and from the comments on our blog, I get the sense that a lot of people were left high and dry after paying for a subscription and not receiving anything in return! The good news is that the folks who are interested in the topics covered by Harrowsmith Country Life magazine, will find lots to read on our blog and in our books, so I hope they enjoying “landing” on our blog during their search.

We gained a lot of new readers to the blogs this year. The site has 400 subscribers on that site alone. Thanks so much for reading the blog and commenting and sharing your own perspective. We don’t always have the time to respond to your comments but we appreciate them!

Happy 2012 to You!


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