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Guest Post by Michelle Mather

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like around here this time of year, here’s a link to a video of all of us rockin’ around the Christmas tree.  You’ll see Cam and me and our daughters Nicole & Katie, as well as Katie’s fiance Dhruva. I sent this to my friend Heidi and she emailed me back to say “PLEASE put it on your blog – your readers would love to see you all!”

Here’s the link;

Hope you enjoy the video and Season’s Greetings from All of Us at Sunflower Farm/Aztext Press to you and yours!



  1. Ken and Madeline Snider

    Great picture Card . Is it Katie that looks exactly like Michelle? Thanks for the card

    • aztextpress

      Hi Madeline & Ken! Yes, Katie definitely looks more like me and Nicole resembles the Mather side of the family… we got one of each! Merry Christmas to you both! ~ Michelle ~

  2. LOVED IT! Merry Christmas to you and your family

  3. Joan Massey

    Laughed and laughed so hard – just loved it!!! Thanks for the fun! May your joy be filled ~ Merry Christmas!!

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