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A Look Back at The Most Viewed Posts of the Past Year

By Michelle Mather

Many bloggers take a look back at this time of year and review some of the topics that they covered. I thought it would be interesting to look at our blog stats and see which posts were viewed the most over the past year….

Of all of the posts on this blog (and this post is #172) the one that was viewed the most was called “Cam & Noah’s Ark.” When I look at the search terms that brought people to this blog, this doesn’t surprise me. “Noah” and “Noah’s Ark” are very popular search terms! Are people really interested in the biblical story or are they searching for a Noah of our time?

The second most read post was called “Anarchists Need to Spend Some Time Growing Food” which Cam wrote around the time of the G20 Summit in Toronto as we watched news reports of both legitimate protesters as well as footage of the ones breaking windows and wreaking havoc. Needless to say, we were busy trying to keep up with the weeding and watering of our vegetable garden and thought it would be great if we could harness the energy of some of those anarchists and use it around our place.

“The Largest Solar Farm in Canada” (a guest post written by me) was the 3rd most viewed post on this blog. I think this reflects the growing interest in solar energy all over the world. Since writing that post I am amazed by the ever increasing number of farms and businesses here in Eastern Ontario that have installed solar arrays. We don’t have the reputation for sunshine that Florida or California has, but that hasn’t stopped many of us from seeing the potential of the sunshine we do experience!

The fourth most read post this year was called “Mother Nature Fights Back” and Cam wrote it while the oil continued to gush in the Gulf of Mexico. He mentioned the volcanoes in Iceland, earthquakes in Haiti, Chile, California and various other places, and the record rains and floods in the northern U.S. and around Nashville and wondered if all of this extreme weather was Mother Nature fighting back. Needless to say we continue to experience extreme weather events all over the world as the year draws to a close….

And finally, a post called “An Interview with Cam in Harrowsmith Country Life Magazine” was the fifth most viewed of the year.  This was another guest post that I wrote, describing the history that we have enjoyed with Harrowsmith Country Life Magazine, first as readers of the magazine back in the 70s and more recently as subjects of various articles and interviews. I have no idea why this post would be one of the more popular ones and can only guess that people searching on “Harrowsmith Country Life Magazine” end up on our blog.

Be sure to take a look if you missed any of these posts. Judging by the number of views, they’ve been our most popular ones!

Thanks to everyone who read this blog, subscribed to it and/or commented on posts during the past year.

Xmas Eve Skating on the Pond

Happy 2011 from our family to you and yours!



  1. Kevin Brown

    You all look so cheery and sunny! Cam should get some mittens, though – or some CCM gloves and a Koho.

  2. Larry

    Great Family Picture 🙂

    I like how Cam set the timer on the Camera and skated back just in time. 🙂

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