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We Make Videos Too!

By Michelle Mather

In our continuing efforts to find new readers for our books, we have been making and posting videos on YouTube. I usually let Cam play the role of “star” in these videos – I am much more comfortable behind the camera shouting directions at him. What wife doesn’t enjoying telling her husband what to do?

Recently, though, I was coerced into getting in front of the camera in a video we made to promote our book “The All You Can Eat Gardening Handbook.” One of the advantages of this book over other gardening books is that Cam doesn’t just explain how to grow great, organic vegetables but he also shares ideas on how to store them and use them throughout the year.

We love basil. We grow lots of basil in the summer quite successfully but we’ve had less luck trying to keep a plant growing year-round on our windowsill. Basil needs a lot of sun and heat and despite our best efforts, our indoor basil plants do not thrive.

Basil Seedlings

We’ve tried drying basil in order to enjoy it year round but we were never very happy with the end results. It seemed to lose too much flavour in the drying process. So we began pureeing fresh basil in our food processor with a bit of olive oil to turn it into a paste. I then transfer the paste to zipper-type sandwich bags which I store in the freezer. During the fall, winter and spring when I don’t have fresh basil plants growing outside, I can remove a package from my freezer, break off a chunk of my basil puree and use it as I wish.

We use this basil puree in our scrambled eggs (plain, boring scrambled eggs become “Basil Infused Eggs”), in soups, on pizza, and numerous other recipes. The basil prepared this way maintains its fresh delicious taste and bright green colour.

Here’s the video showing the whole process.

Be sure to take at look at our other videos on YouTube!

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  1. Cindy

    Fun! I am going to go to them right now.

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