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Summer Scenes from Sunflower Farm

By Michelle Mather

It’s been a busy and stressful week around here as we juggle the demands of trying to earn a living and keep up with all that needs doing in the garden and around the house.  Instead of a usual post, I’ll let some photos tell the stories….

We've been digging garlic and hanging it up to dry

We make bundles of 10 or 12 heads and tie them up using the long leaves

Meanwhile, around the farm….

"Black Eyed Susans" are always a welcome "weed" around here...

Another pretty "weed" - feel free to leave a comment with the name of this one

"Spotted Touch Me Not" is pretty and supposedly soothing when used on poison ivy rash....

I'm curious to know how this sunflower turns out given it's "spiky" appearance so far...

The first of the gladiolas to show some colour....

Cam's test crop of wheat did well....

And the lilies are gorgeous this year.....

Mittens loves the window sill of the old barn foundation

Lizzie prefers the shade of potato plants

Hope you enjoyed this little photo tour of our place…. and if you enjoy this blog, please subscribe!



  1. Doone

    Loved the photo tour.

  2. Rita Marsh

    Thank you for sharing! Beautiful photos and a beautiful life you live.

  3. Larry

    The flower looks like Swamp Milk Weed….but the leaves are making me think it’s something else.

  4. Looking good – we harvested our garlic this week too – not in the quantities you guys do though!
    The weed is spotted joe pye weed which you can also buy as a perennial. The flower is often mistaken for swamp milkweed.

  5. hans honegger

    Hello Michelle
    That”s Joe Pie Weed.

  6. aztextpress

    Thanks everyone for identifying this beautiful “weed”!

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