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A “Glitch in the Matrix”

By Cam Mather

Last week I think we saw a chink in the armor of the mainstream media and their portrayal of the true state of the world economy. The one hour 1,000 point plunge in the DOW was a pretty significant event and it seemed to rattle my close personal friend Brian Williams of NBC Nightly News. All right, he’s not really my friend, but I do like to watch his nightly newscast. Now with Katie Couric on CBS and Diane Sawyer on ABC I do surf around a bit, but Brian has been my evening news friend for a while.

Last Thursday after the Dow 1,000 point plunge Brian seemed really shaken up. Sick to his stomach sort of shaken. 9/11 watching the Twin Towers fall sort of shaken. So what gives?

There’s dozens of theories on what caused the fall, from computer glitches, keyboarding errors, Greek contagion, Goldman Sacs orchestrating it to take the heat off them – take your pick. And given that 20 years ago when Greenspan took over the FED and turned on the printing presses the DOW was at about 2,000, the massive inflation of the market means that technically a 1,000 point plunge is no big deal. Not unless your pension fund is invested in the market, which includes most of them.

But there was my good friend Brian on Letterman right after the crazy plunge still freaking out.

Take 2 minutes and watch Brian’s interview. He really seems rattled. And he uses the term “The world has no money and the emperor has no clothes” while suggesting if he didn’t get paid megabucks and get to wear great suits to host the news, he’d stay home. We’d miss seeing his great ties though.

You see, this is the response I often get for my perspective on the world. When you write a book called “Thriving During Challenging Times” people assume you walk around waiting for the sky to fall the next day. Actually I think I’m pretty mellow about the whole thing. My home is pretty much completely powered by renewable sources. I have no debt. I have a huge garden and I’m still eating potatoes, onions, garlic and various other frozen and canned vegetables from last year’s garden. A sense of calm comes over you when you get your financial house in order, realize the markets are stacked against you and start investing in hard assets that make you more shock resistant.

I once saw a documentary about getting food into Manhattan, where my friend Brian Williams works, and it’s quite unbelievable. Feeding all those people, using just in time delivery. The problem with these tightly wound interconnected systems is that they don’t have any resilience to shock and I think that’s why Brian was a little on edge this week. Apparently it doesn’t matter how much money you make, if you don’t have a pantry full of food it’s easy to freak out.



  1. Janet

    Living where we are right now… where the threat of “Civil war” is all around us… being prepared is not unusual for us. I, unfortunatily, do not have a garden (and I miss it) and must rely on “day to day markets” for fresh food, so I have a cupboard full of canned soups, bottled water and stull to last us for at least one week, until the Canadian government could get us out.

    Wayne has always said to be “prepared” at all times to be on our “own” in a disaster, until a resonable time that help can arrive.

    I just read an article in the Bangkok post today that asked why, after all the upset of the Governement verses the Red shirts this past few months, why the Thai Baht has actually increased it’s hold against the western currency… Don’t have a clue… let hope that all find a peaceful solution and take another stress from our days.


    • aztextpress

      Hi Janet! Yes, we watch the news from Thailand with more interest than usual knowing that you are there!
      Glad to hear that you are prepared for disruption if it happens but we’ll keep our fingers crossed that all is well!

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