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Bill Kemp’s “Day Job”

By Michelle Mather

Bill Kemp has written a number of amazing books for Aztext Press. First he wrote “The Renewable Energy Handbook for Homeowners” back in 2003 and it quickly became the renewable energy “bible.” A few years later he updated and revised it and renamed the book “The Renewable Energy Handbook” and then he revised and updated it again last fall. He has also written “$mart Power: An urban guide to renewable energy and efficiency”, “Biodiesel: Basics and Beyond” and “The Zero-Carbon Car: Building the Car the Auto Industry Can’t Get Right.” If you are familiar with Bill’s books, you know that these books are not light reading (and as the person who does the shipping around here, I assure you that the books are not lightweight physically either!). Bill puts a lot of research and time into his books and it shows. His books have received glowing reviews from many readers and reviewers!

From time to time we have received emails from readers wanting further information or clarification from Bill. Often they want advice from Bill and we always forward these emails along to Bill, but we warn the writer that we can’t guarantee that Bill will have the time to answer each and every email. We explain that Bill has a “day job” and that writing amazing books about renewable energy, biodiesel and plug-in hybrid cars is just a sideline for Bill…. just a passion.

Bill works for a company that designs micro hydro systems as well as biogas digest systems for farms.  Lately Bill has been extremely busy dealing with the huge interest and demand for his biogas digesters. These systems use manure and other organic matter and process them to create electricty and heat. At the end of the process the end-product can be used as fertilizer or as bedding for animals. What a win-win situation! Many farmers are challenged by dealing with the manure their animals create and we all remember Walkerton, where pathogens in manure created real problems in the community’s drinking water supplies. Once manure has gone through one of these biogas digester systems, the pathogens are killed and the manure is no longer a dangerous hazard.

Here’s a video that recently aired on CTV’s program “Tech Now”. Bill explains the biogas digest system to viewers;


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