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“Enjoy the Little Things”

By Michelle Mather

It’s Monday, it’s sunny and I thought it would be a nice day to take the time to “enjoy the little things.”  Believe it or not, “enjoy the little things” is a rule from a movie I watched last night called “Zombieland.” “Enjoy the little things” doesn’t sound like the kind of advice you would get from a zombie comedy does it?

I should back up and tell you about my day yesterday. It wasn’t a usual Sunday for me. I usually spend Sundays quietly here at home, working around the house and on a nice day like yesterday, I would normally spend a fair amount of time outside. Many months ago Cam and I made plans to attend an event in Kingston called an “Afternoon at the Opera” performed by the Kingston Symphony Orchestra. I should quickly admit that I’m not a big opera fan…. but this was billed as an afternoon of opera “highlights” so I figured I’d be able to handle the best bits of the most famous operas.

It was amazing! As someone who isn’t the least bit musically inclined I spent the entire time in awe of the talent of the musicians and the singers. WOW! I was spell-bound and captivated and couldn’t clap long enough or loud enough at the end of the performance to show my enthusiasm and appreciation!

On our way home Cam decided he’d like to pick up a DVD and we managed to sneak into the local video store just as Tim was closing the doors (Thanks Tim!). Cam grabbed a movie called “Zombieland.” I know what you’re thinking… what a weird movie to watch after an afternoon at the opera! We both laughed at this strange choice of DVDs too. I’m not an opera fan and  I’m not a big fan of horror movies or zombie movies either and I wasn’t sure about this one. But I actually enjoyed it! Once you get over the violence and gore of zombie killing, the movie has likable characters and lots of humour. Apparently critics enjoyed it too, as reports that 89% of reviewers gave it a favourable review.

The main character of the movie suggests his “rules” as the movie progresses and one of his rules, offered by another character, is “Enjoy the little things.” In that spirit, I thought I’d share a few photos that I snapped this morning of my daffodils…. in my effort to “enjoy the little things.”

After writing this I realize that one of my rules should be “approach new experiences with an open mind” or “don’t judge a movie (or an opera performance) before you’ve seen it.” All good rules to live by…..


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