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It’s Here! And a Special Offer!

by Michelle Mather

Our new gardening book JUST arrived from the printer!

I’m really excited about this new book. Cam has been gardening organically for as long as he’s been gardening. I remember his very first vegetable garden in his parents’ backyard in Burlington (Ontario) when we were in high school together, which was about 32 years ago! So’s he’s been gardening for a really, really long time! It makes me realize that he was probably one of the few (if not THE ONLY) boy in my high school who was in to vegetable gardening. And I married him anyway! 🙂

If you’ve been waiting to order your copy of the book, be sure to do so today so that I can get it to you ASAP. ( As a special thank you to those of you who read our blog, I’ll enclose a FREE copy of our gardening DVD “Grow Your Own Vegetables” which retails for $19.95)  with your book order. Cam was inspired to write the gardening book after receiving so many positive and enthusiastic responses to the DVD!

Just send me an email (michelle at aztext dot com)  after you order your book to let me know that you saw this special offer on this blog.

(Offer expires on March 19, 2010 and only valid on books purchased directly from


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