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The All You Can Eat Gardening Handbook is coming soon!

by Michelle Mather

Even though it is officially “Family Day” here in Ontario (and President’s Day in the U.S.), Cam and I have been working anyway. We are putting the final touches on our newest book “The All You Can Eat Gardening Handbook.” which we will be sending to our printer in Altona, Manitoba tomorrow. We’d like these books to be in the stores by April 1st and so we are anxious to get these files shipped off!

I spent much of Saturday and yesterday working on the index of the book. While the software (InDesign) looks after finding all of the occurrences of the index references, it still requires a person (me) to go through the book, word by word, to identify which topics we want listed in the index. It’s a tedious job but I’m a big fan of indexes whenever I use non-fiction books so I always do my best to figure out which subjects to include.

I’ve read through this book a number of times now and I am so excited to be adding it to our library of titles. Cam has done an amazing job on it… sharing his 30+ years of gardening knowledge but also adding all sorts of wonderful stories and anecdotes to the information. He was determined to avoid intimidating readers, as so many gardening books have a tendency to do. Just as our gardening DVD has inspired so many to pick up a shovel and get growing, I think this book will convince readers that vegetable gardening is quite easy!

As I’ve mentioned before, we have our books printed by Friesens in Altona, Manitoba. We would save a lot of money if we had our books printed in China as so many other publishers are doing, but it is important to us to keep our money and jobs here in Canada. After all, the people who buy our books and read them are for the most part here in North America! Friesens is an interesting company in which the employees own 100% of the shares. Read more about Friesens here;

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  1. Cindy

    I sent you the picture of you guys in the garden in Belleville didn’t I?

  2. aztextpress

    You sure did Cindy and it’s in the book! Thanks for sending it!

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