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The Largest Solar Farm in Canada

by Michelle Mather

Cam and I have 24 solar panels on our two trackers. When the sun is shining our 24 panels produce about 2.3 kW of electricity an hour.

Our system pales in comparison to the largest solar farm in Canada. You’re probably wondering where the largest solar farm in Canada is located and you’re trying to think of the sunniest places.  It’s actually about 40 kms from us just outside of Napanee, Ontario here in Stone Mills Township!

First Light Solar Park is currently the largest-scale commercial solar farm operation in Canada and is a joint venture between SkyPower Corp. and SunEdison Canada. It consists of more than 126,000 solar panels spanning across 90 acres and is expected to generate over 10 million kilowatt hours (kWh) of renewable electricity in its first year — enough to power 1,000 households.

Not only is this solar farm the largest in Canada, but it’s also the 3rd largest in North America!

And yes… I’m very envious! What a lot of solar panels!!

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  1. Katie

    That’s awesome! Right in Napanee… I think some of my former high school classmates worked on the construction.

  2. Kevin Brown

    Imagine if just a quarter of residential and commercial roofs in cities were panelled…


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