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New Year’s Resolutions

by Michelle Mather

Happy New Year!

Have you made your resolutions yet? Have you broken them yet?

Here are three really important resolutions for ALL of us to make for 2010. I borrowed them from but I’ve added my own comments to their suggestions;

1. Take fewer cross-country flights this year. Treehugger says that by cutting just one cross-country flight you will reduce your carbon footprint by as much as 4 tons. Can you imagine if you cut out ALL flights? Not only would this be better for the planet but better for your wallet and also better for your stress levels. Flying just isn’t fun!

2. Go vegetarian. As I’ve shared on this blog previously, the animals raised for food contribute as much as 51% of the greenhouse gas methane. If you can’t go “cold turkey” at least cut back on your meat consumption by choosing vegetarian options more often.  This would be good for the planet and also good for your waistline and your heart!

3. Buy green power. Obviously making your own green power would be great, but not all of us live off the grid (nor should we!) If you don’t have your own solar panels or wind turbines, find a green energy supplier in your area. Bullfrog Power here in Ontario is a good example.  Your electricity will cost a bit more but your money will be used by Bullfrog Power to invest in green energy technologies on your behalf.

Treehugger says that by adopting these 3 resolutions, you’ll cut your carbon footprint by as much as half. I can’t think of a better resolution to make!


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