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As I’ve mentioned, Cam has been busy this summer not only gardening but also writing about gardening! He’s been taking a lot of pictures and we had some great help behind the scenes too. Our daughter Katie who just finished her B.A. in Anthropology at Carleton University is now off to start her Master’s degree at U of T. We benefited from her time at home this summer as she pitched in to help with just about everything that needed to be done, including photography work for the new gardening book.

Yesterday was the day to shoot the cover image. We’ve been using a photo we shot last year of our garden wagon full of veggies (for the rough draft of the cover) , but we hadn’t taken the shot with the intent of using it as a cover image, and so it wasn’t just right. Yesterday Cam harvested a whole lot of vegetables and herbs from our garden and Katie artistically arranged them in our garden wagon. She then stood on a ladder to get a good shot and she tried different angles and took some in the shade and some in the sun. When the veggies started to dry out because of the sun, I was there with a spray bottle to give them a little spritz and bring back some of their just-picked look!

Here’s a picture of Katie in action;


Here’s a picture of how the cover is going to look;



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