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“Tough Times” Goes Mainstream

We’re putting the finishing touches on “Thriving During Challenging Times, The Energy, Food and Financial Independence Handbook” and it seems the topic is getting a lot of publicity these days.

Jeff Rubin, former chief economist for the CIBC has just released his book “Why Your World is About to Get a Whole Lot Smaller: Oil and the End of Globalization”. Rubin has been predicting rapidly rising oil prices as the world comes to grip with peak oil and he is one of the higher profile believers in the imminent end of easy and cheap energy. While his book seems to take a big picture macro look at the problem, our book takes a more micro look to offer you personal strategies for dealing with the inevitable changes that are coming.

Stories about people dealing with economic hardship are very common right now. The Kansas City Star ran an article called “Some stockpiling to prepare should times turn perilous” and a more recent “Crisis spurs spike in ‘suburban survivalists’”

USA today just ran a story called “Economic survivalists take root” about families scaling back their lifestyles and making their households more independent.

I sort of expect these types of articles in papers given the challenges of the economy these days, but “Elle” Magazine of all places in their May 2009 edition has an article called “Do Worry. Be Happy. Get in fighting shape for the coming storms–psychologically, economically, and environmentally.”

Wow! That’s the theme of my book. Well sort of. I guess my theme is more that if you take some basic steps to make your family more resilient to future challenges, one of the main benefits is an increased sense of well being. Suddenly you start taking joy in more basic activities like growing your own food or using renewable energy to power your home.

It appears great change is upon us. You can put your head in the sand and hope it goes away. The problem with this strategy is that if things do become more challenging, when you pull your head out of the sand you may be more like a deer caught in the head lights and not know which way to turn. Embarking on a simple plan to make yourself and your family more independent is the way to weather gathering storms and so many of the things I outline in the book end up helping you reduce your impact on the planet.

Greater independence, more happiness by accomplishing meaningful tasks that so much of our technology has removed us from, and a smaller footprint on the planet. There really is no downside to it!


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